Solutions of all sizes.

Prevention is one of the best services we offer, having a standby power system is a proven way to guard against power interruptions, and a wise investment to make before you experience problems.

In our day to day lives we often take for granted the continuous supply of electricity that is required to keep our busy days moving, when the power is cut due to weather or equipment failure our lives come to a grinding halt. For many kinds of operations, lengthy or recurring power outages can result in financial loss. Eliminate the worry, and inconvenience and put power at your fingertips. TNT Standby Power will assist you to determine your power needs whatever the size, commercial, industrial, or personal the investment can often be recouped at the first significant outage.

TNT Standby Power is a customer-oriented company, committed to service. We service generators all over Canada and we sell to companies world-wide as well as to our neighbours next door. We know generators and will work within your unique requirements to customize a generator and create a solution, bringing power to you the instant the need arises.

Whatever your challenge, TNT Standby Power works quickly and efficiently to bring standby power to where you need it, exactly how you need it.

To place an order or to inquire about our Generator Solutions, please contact us by email: or call: 1.519.237.3641 or 1.866.383.3641
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